Weeks Twelve CSA Challenge – Without A Net

Inspired by last week’s challenge, I decided to work without a net this week. Still time-crunched from canning and the new job, I opened the bag of vegetables and pondered, “What great dish could be made from these ingredients that would cover many meals?”


First, I thought pasta, but what about those potatoes? I could make gnocchi from them…oh, but that time crunch. Gnocchi takes time. And all those peppers…especially the hot ones…would likely overwhelm the sauce.

Heat has it…chili is the answer.

I thought about the food science that goes into chili. The balance of taste and texture. The thickness to the sauce. I thought about all the CSA ingredients and saw their place in the mix. The only additional items I would need to purchase to create the taste I imagined would be some ground meat and tomato paste.

I started with a mirepoix…also known as the holy trinity of Cajun cooking. Traditionally, the three key ingredients of a mirepoix are onions, bell peppers and celery. In this case, I substituted garlic for the celery. I decided to take another lesson from gumbo and decided to add texture to the chili by adding these vegetable ingredients in waves. The first would be the mirepoix vegetables…browning and caramelizing them before adding the browned and drained meat, tomato sauce and paste. The second wave would be added midway through the cooking. The third would be added with about 15 minutes of cooking time remaining. By adding vegetables in this way, each has a different consistency and flavor it adds to the finished dish.

I didn’t write a recipe, just mixed and tasted and thought about ratios between flavors and consistency while it cooked down to a yummy, yummy chili suitable for lunch, dinner and packed lunches.

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