Running Streak?


I have done countless wall squats, monster lunges and laps in the pool. I have stretched locked muscles, strengthened weakmuscles, and rehabilitated my running form. But still, the knee I struck in two falls continues to feel stiff and unstable under motion.

All this layoff and abstention from real-world impact has not only messed with my confidence and outlook, but it has permitted me to pile on weight. Okay, okay, that sounded victim-like. It has been my choice to eat only moderately well. Combining my prescribed exercise limitations and my only somewhat reformed eating habits, I have chosen weight creep over weightdiligence.

Either way, there is nothing for it…I need to augment therapy.

For several years, my friend Ron has inspired me. Ron turned his life around with sport…especially running. But over the past several months, something Ron has done has taken hold of my imagination. Ron has been on a running streak since Thanksgiving day of 2011.

What does that mean?

Well, they don’t even call it a streak until you have run at least one mile every day for 365 days. But Ron has gone far beyondthose requirements. Last time we spoke, his daily ground covered average was eight miles. There have been a couple marathons and a 50-mile ultra in there, so you know he’s got the goods to be able to head out for a run the day after those races. To really blow your mind, Ron has run 3,826.93 miles in 477 days with an average running speed of roughly 8:40 minutes per mile.

Ron has inspired me to start my own running streak.

I have been cherishing the streak idea as a way to commemorate and celebrate my knee returning to full function…whensoever it did. But now, I believe that the months of static rehab have strengthened my knee as much as they are able. Now, I think it istime to run…carefully.

This could be a deeply enlightened or fool-hearty decision. I do not recommend it. It is just something I feel I must try. Something in me burns saying, “Consistency, form, and conservative goals will finish the healing.”

Unlike Ron’s running streak, I plan on averaging only 1.5- to 2-miles a day for the first month, 2 to 2.5 for the second month, then re-assessing mileage going forward. I am also going to try Chi running, which is crediting with helping many bum-knee runners get back to their sport. I will forego the boast of official running streak – if I am able to continue once started – as some of my runs will be done on an Alternative Motion Trainer (AMT). Treadmills are permitted in streak rules, but AMTs are not. But I have been unable to master running on a treadmill without detrimentally altering my stride and I will need some days of lower impact at first. Official streak or not really doesn’t matter though. This decision is about proving and improving for myself and myself alone.


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